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WHAT TO DO WHEN FACEBOOK SHUTS DOWN YOUR AD ACCOUNT- Your life isn’t over, but your clients will make you wish it was if their accounts are put in Facebook jail. Noted influencer and friend Andrea Vahl says just as there are numerous reasons for the hand slap, there are as many things you can do not only AFTERWARDS but to PREVENT the shutting down of an advertising account.

For example, she points out the ad must not contain content that asserts or implies something personal. Such as โ€œAre you overweight?โ€ or โ€œDo you have diabetes?โ€

And she suggests you open another account through the Business Manager and use a different billing method. More


POSTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA DURING WEEKENDS- Whether your clients are B2B or B2C, their need to engage with customers may require more than weekday coverage. If you ignore the client potential, says noted influencer Susanna Gebauer, you are passing on a totally different audience.

“While engagement, reach and conversions may be lower on weekends than on a weekday, you still only have to gain if you do post on your social media channels over the weekend.” More


AUSTRIA TAKES STEPS TO REIGN IN ONLINE HATE SPEECH- Proposed action involves forcing larger platforms (like Facebook and Twitter) to be able to identify/track down identity of people who post hate speech anonymously.

Forums covered by the bill would have to conduct an authentication of their users. Think registration act. More


PUTTING SELFIES IN A GOOD LIGHT- Big TY to Ryan Raymer for posting this video on Facebook. If your selfie photos and videos come out darker than you want due to lighting issues, he suggests a selfies ring light that attaches to your cell phone. More


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