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WEAPONIZATION OF SOCIAL MEDIA AGAINST THE DISABLED- Politics aside, no matter who is in the White House, the weaponization of social media to inflict pain and “punish” the disabled is not what the Internet was built for. There is a proposal to use social media to spy on the disabled, especially war veterans. Β The Internet is supposed to encourage engagement not be used as a Gestapo-like tool of fear. πŸ‘ More


AOC BACKING OUT OF FACEBOOK- This is not going to please your clients. Outspoken and media savvy US Congressional Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she is dumping out of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, calling social media “a public health risk.” You better be ready for some damage control. πŸ‘ More


SOCIAL PROOF BOOSTS MARKETING- If your content is frequently and regularly updated that will move up the rank of your website. Reviews and testimonials count as fresh content for search engines, did you know that? Is it part of your marketing? πŸ‘ More


WATCHING NOTRE-DAME CATHEDRAL BURN ON SOCIAL MEDIA- Tragedy is both a word and event used much too often when not needed. Sunday it was not enough to describe the flames that took their toll on the historic structure in France. No matter where you were in Paris or anywhere in the world social media in general and Twitter specifically brought it to you. πŸ‘ More


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