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FAKE REVIEWS BAD NEWS- While a recent report of fake reviews seem to be restricted to tech accounts on Amazon, the taint of fraud could carry over to all reviews. A British consumer education group has determined that a number of reviews have been artificially generated, repeated, or planted by paid reviewers.

Sure, there has always been this suspicion about fake reviews. Will this study make people question the truth about all reviews including those for your client? We don’t know, but it might be worth your time to check more regularly not only on your reviews but those of your competitors. 👁 More


IDEAL SOCIAL MEDIA POST LENGTHS- Usually we share “best times” to post content on various social media platforms. Today we have a breakdown of suggested “best lengths” for written posts, ad content, hashtags, captions etc. on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 👁 More


SMARTPHONE TECH REACHING EARS OF YOUTH IN ARGENTINA- Whenever a study is issued detailing social media use in foreign countries we try to share. Insight to demographics can be useful to your global marketing plans.

Pew Research Center shows that nine out of ten Argentines aged 18 to 34 use social media. That is a strong concentration of users, especially when you dig deeper to find that 84% of Argentine adults under 35 and 77% of people 35-49 say they own a smartphone. 👁 More


RIP GOO.GL URL SHORTENING SERVICE AND HELLO DYNAMIC LINKS- We have known for a year that Google’s own URL shortener was being phased out. RIP. But the more interesting news is what is being phased in: Dynamic Links! What are those? This article from WERSM not only describes them but carries a very informative video. For example, “if a user opens a Dynamic Link on iOS or Android, they can be taken directly to the linked content in your native app.” 👁 More


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