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ADS MANAGER UPDATE AT FACEBOOK- What with all the bad news emanating from Facebook data and security breaches of late, you may have missed this bit of positive news: revised presentation features and format for ads manager app. FB says there will be “a new navigation bar, providing more space to manage ads.”

Plus… (drum roll…) a new โ€œcost capโ€ bidding strategy (in addition to conversion volume and cost predictability). ๐Ÿ‘ More


HOW CONFIDENT ARE SMB ABOUT SEO BEST PRACTICES- Interesting study just out that indicates only 36% of SMBs surveyed said they HAVE AN EXISTING SEO strategy. But within that group 78% feel they have a good understanding of SEO best practices. They should as these biz mostly operate in-house marketing. How is this good news for social media boutique agencies?

It means when you pitch these small biz you won’t have to start at square one explaining SEO. Just show them YOUR successful track record vs their current numbers.

But more importantly, the survey also reveals that 64% of SMB polled DO NOT EVEN HAVE AN SEO STRATEGY.

Your future clients await you. ๐Ÿ‘ More


TWITTER ON THE RISE IN ZIMBABWE- An average of only 2.3% social media users took to Twitter in 2015 in Zimbabwe — but by 2018 Twitter was being used by an average of 11.57%. That is a 9% growth in 3 years! ๐Ÿ‘ More


DUPLICATING A FACEBOOK SAVED AUDIENCE- “While thereโ€™s currently no direct way to duplicate a saved audience, there is manual process that allows you to do this.” So says, Lucas Elliott, writing for the Jon Loomer team. And we have the process explained. ๐Ÿ‘ More


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