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Passive Users Are Active Target Market- No greater a source than Advertising Age is pointing to the power of the Stories format:

“This seamless encounter that requires no new action from users is where ads really perform. According to an Ipsos survey, 62% of respondents became interested in brands after finding them via stories. In addition, 50% looked for the product or service online thanks to stories, and 38% told their friends about products they discovered on stories.” 👁 More


Charging for Google My Business Being Considered- In case you are strictly a Facebook/Instagram marketer, Google My Business has been a free service from Google to list your business profile on Google Maps and Google search. Now, looks like the big G is considering monetizing the feature.

You can access the survey from within this linked story from Search Engine Land. Pricing models and package info is included. 👁 More


Targeting Facebook Pages Top Fans– What? That notation that sits on your screen? You thought “Top Fans” was a vanity thing like… “likes?” Think again, you can organically (no $$$) reach out to your client’s most active base with an exclusive targeted message.

Scroll to where you normally select what to share on News Feed. Click on “Public.” Then select “Top Fans” from the drop down. 👁 More


Keeping Kids Safe From Online Harms British health secretary Matt Hancock sat down this week with representatives from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google and others. Topic? What are THEY doing to clean up their acts when it comes down to online safety for kids. It was a mixed bag of results.

On one hand:

  • have agreed to financially contribute to UK charities
  • have agreed to work with experts… to speed up the identification and removal of suicide and self-harm content and create greater protections online.

On other hand:

  • failed to get any new commitments from the companies to do more to tackle anti-vaccination misinformation.

👁 More...


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