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Google Maps Testing New Way to Showcase Restaurants– Do you have a dining small biz client? If so check this out. Google Maps is testing a new “Popular Dishes” tab within restaurant menus that will help customers decide what to order based on photos and reviews.โ€ฌ

Get it? If lots of customers post lots of pictures of your client’s Friday Flounder Fish Fry then those may be crowd sourced to your menu along with their recommendations! ๐Ÿ‘ More


Slack and Newsletters Strong Alternatives to Diminished Facebook Newsfeed– You can whine & moan as much as you want, but “If your entire platform is based on the public newsfeed and the public newsfeed is dwindling away to irrelevance, then you have a problem.” So states influencer Christopher Penn during his latest podcast.

As a social media manager how will you get your client’s brand across to the public in the new world order of private groups that are the logical end result of recent FB changes? Listen in. ๐Ÿ‘ More


DM on LinkedIn Even If Not Connected– “You can now send a direct message to anyone that comments on a post even those people you are not connected to!” This info from an email received from JoAnne Funch, Chief Connection Officer, at Linked In for Business.

Currently it is only available on mobile and only on iOs.

Funch explains “Simply double-click on the picture of the person next to their comment on a post and the message box pops up for you to write a message! Why is this important? Because now you have access to someoneโ€™s message box without being connected. Try it โ€“ this can be a game changer in terms off an engagement strategy.”

Thanks JoAnne. Check out her website.


Israelis Top Global Social Media Users– Results are in. Pew Research says Israelis spend an average of 11 hours daily on social media networks.

  • Facebook 85%
  • YouTube 7%
  • Instagram 1%

Those Instagram numbers are horrible, but there are some changes coming. ๐Ÿ‘ More


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