Ticketing Function Comes to Facebook-
If your small biz client is holding an event, you no longer have to send customers off page to purchase tickets. A new deal between FB and Eventbrite will make it much easier for organisers to create and start selling tickets on Facebook.

“Ticketing on Facebook, powered by Eventbrite, empowers those small businesses and entrepreneurs with the fewest resources โ€” be it time, technology, or events expertise. In addition to online ticketing and payments, it will include basic event management tools like the ability to track registrations and sales via a dashboard, and tools to help hosts communicate with their attendees.” – Business Wire

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In Store Mobile Offers-
We all know that consumers are dependent more than ever on their cell phones to assist with the shopping experience. A recent survey shows how much. 71.6% of consumers said they shop via mobile smartphone at home. 60.1% said they also used their smartphones in brick-and-mortar stores.

“Those percentages should serve as major motivation for retailers to do what they can to reach out to both sets of shoppers with special offers, discounts and coupons. Particularly for those using mobile while shopping in-store, mobile offers could mean the difference between buying the product they are standing in front of while using their phones, or leaving the store empty-handed.” – Retail Dive

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Scheduling Posts on WordPress-
Wake up content generators. This is the 21st century. If you can schedule a FB post or a tweet, why not your WordPress blog? Busy social media managers write when they find the time and practically speaking 11:30pm isn’t the best time to post.

“Another reason to schedule your posts is to benefit from peak traffic hours. There is a certain time in a day when each website gets the peak of their users. By publishing at that time, you can leverage existing traffic to increase your page views.” – WPbeginner

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