Emotion Being Used as Ad Metric- Looking for new ways to reach consumers, The NY Times and a few other publications are looking at emotion-based ad targeting. Using machine learning and surveys they are selling a prediction on the different emotions felt by readers of various stories.

“…an advertiser for, say, analog film could opt to have ads placed only on articles that induce nostalgia, while an advertiser for something I canโ€™t even imagine could opt to have ads placed only on articles that induce fear.” – Kaitlyn Tiffany writing in Vox

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Data Mistakes Social Media Managers Make-
You aren’t perfect (although your clients wish you were). Collecting data is not the hard part. Collecting the right data is. And then properly applying it. There are pitfalls to avoid.

“Social media marketers should focus on data correlation. Itโ€™s not enough to place social media at the core of your marketing plan. You need to follow up and make the most out of it. And this includes collecting useful insights and using that data to drive business decisions.” – Adina Jipa writing for WERSM

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Keyword Difficulty for Ranking in Google-
That is the Holy Grail, isn’t it? Securing top ranking for just the right keywords which will lead consumers directly to your small biz client. How do you do it? We have some suggestions.

“Finding a bunch of keywords that you want to rank for is easy. The hard part is figuring out what itโ€™ll take to rank for those keywords (i.e., ‘keyword difficulty’), and then using that information to prioritize and plan your SEO strategy.” – Tim Soulo writing for Ahrefs

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