Why Do Consumers Follow Influencers-
According to a Toluna survey posted in Adweek:

“1- To learn new things
2- To learn more about what they do
3- To get inspiration for my own life
4- To stay up to date on pop culture
5- For product recommendations”

Do you use Influencers to propel your client’s message to consumers?


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Snapchat Seeing Success with Series-
Yes Snapchat with its disappearing pictures and Stories concept is beginning to gain traction with its new style TV shows. For example Snap saw 28 million unique viewers tune in over the season of ‘Endless Summer’ series. Not the same as ‘Game of Thrones finale of 19 million, but still impressive in highlighting Snap’s increasing focus on catering to its user base.

“Snap remains hugely influential with younger audiences, which can definitely help drive that ‘cool factor’, and inspire consumer action. If Snap can show that it is, in fact, able to not only generate significant attention, and keep users engaged, but that it can also inspire people to part with their money as a result, that could help boost its business prospects, and keep it evolving – even without hitting some magical DAU count.” – Social Media Today

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Are You Ready for Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization-
Come September, CBO will be the new normal. You won’t be able to set a daily or lifetime budget at the ad set level. A fixed default you can’t turn off. For those of you who don’t know enough about Campaign Budget Optimization, our friend (and yours) Jon Loomer wrote about it recently (he is also doing a training webinar on June 18).

Jon gave this “in theory”example of 3 ad sets:

“Without Campaign Budget Optimization, Facebook will attempt to spend $10 per ad set, regardless of performance. With Campaign Budget Optimization, Facebook will react to the performance of each of your ad sets. You may then instead spend more or less per ad set to get the most results.

Without Campaign Budget Optimization, the campaign resulted in 10 conversions. But, one ad set clearly outperformed the other two. With Campaign Budget Optimization, Facebook optimizes to distribute more of the budget to the high performing ad set, resulting in 15 conversions.”

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