Eliminating Instagram Likes to Impact Influencers-
Tough decision coming for social media agencies if IG removes likes metric. How to prove to client that Influencers are “influencing” if no numbers. One solution is influencer marketing agencies.

“Engagement on sponsored posts has been a super important metric, so brands will have to find new ways to measure success in working with influencers. Agencies become more important because they may have historical data on influencer engagement and have a wide access to influencers who create great content.” – Evan Asano, CEO of MediaKix

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AllSocial Ready to Compete with Facebook-
Knock knock. Who’s there? AllSocial! Facebook beware.

Competition to FB is no longer an idle conversation piece like talking about the weather. It is here. In past days we have talked about Parler and Gab. But AllSocial seems to be on an interesting track to foster organic growth and revenue for users (your clients).

“And the revenue model that we’re coming up with is very simple. It’s about every sixth or seventh post in someone’s stream would be an advertisement. They can just pass on by or maybe take a look at it and so, God-willing, we will be funding this thing through advertisements that will generate enough revenue to keep us going and growing.” Rolfe Carawan, business development for AllSocial

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Why You Need an SSL Certificate-
These were once the tools of websites that strictly focused on economic transactions, like shopping carts and credit card payments. Those were the “secure” sites with the “httpS” in their URLs. But as we have learned from multiple data breaches, info such as on a contact form, is also a commercial commodity to be protected by encryption.

“Most browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Microsoft Explorer) flag websites without SSL, and your visitors will be warned that your site is unsafe. Not the best first impression.” – Catrine Fredrikson writing for EZYMarketing

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