Podcast Ad Placements Proving Profitable-
How profitable? Projected podcast revenue will cross the $1-billion mark by 2021. That is a solid indicator of where you should consider marketing a viable client— not only as an advertiser but perhaps as a podcaster as well!!!

“Podcast ad placement is ideal for advertisers because listeners feel a strong sense of engagement, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which found that 67 percent of listeners could recall products and brands they heard about on a podcast and 61 percent had bought an advertised product or service.” – Anne Stych writing for BizWomen Business Journal.

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Google Algorithms vs Penalties-
While users may consider them to be the same negative action, as social media managers you need to understand the differences. And use that knowledge to benefit your clients.

“It is important to know that both algorithms and penalties can simultaneously affect a website. Their trigger signals can even overlap. For a siteโ€™s health, visibility in search and ultimately commercial success, algorithms and penalties are relevant factors to be managed.” – Kaspar Szymanski writing for Search Engine Land

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Ad Frequency Too Much of a Good Thing-
You may have designed the cutest, most appealing Facebook ad ever, but if it is all there, everywhere, you could turn off your target market. But how do you know when you are running too frequently?

Facebook Ad Frequency (yes it is real) is impressions divided by reach. But there is more to it than that. Andrea Vahl takes us through the process.

“The only metric I really care about is the metric that tells me if the ad is meeting the goal we set for it. It might be Leads, Link Clicks (optimized by link click cost), Video Views, Purchases or whatever the KPI (Key Performance Metric) is for that campaign.” – Andrea Vahl

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