Snap Possibly Copying from Facebook Events-
Now that is a change. The possibility of Snapchat integrating support for “events” into its platform was discovered by apps researcher Jane Manchun Wong.

“Users can create events, and assign it a time and a place. There is no information on whether the feature will support both public and private events. The new event feature could work with Snap Map, and show users events based on location and whom of their friends are attending.” – WERSM

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Quora Has Marketing Answers-
Did you know that it is less expensive to advertise on Quora than to advertise on Facebook, AdWords, or Bing? That’s one of the revelations as Mike Stelzner interviews JD Prater (Quoraโ€™s so-called full-time evangelist). Sure, truth in advertising, Prater works for Quora. But where else are you going to get an inside look at a platform that most social media managers know little about?

“Unlike Facebook and other social media platforms which users visit to pass time or connect with friends, Quora is purely established around demand-driven questions and answers. Your potential customers are on Quora asking questions about you, your competitors, or your products or services. The platform is an easy way to get in front of them and talk about your brand, just by simply answering questions.” – Michael Stelzner

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Creating High Conversion Landing Pages-
The idea of a landing page is to move prospects through the marketing tunnel and convert them into customers, or at least get their email address. There is no one standard format. But there are some general options, if taken, can kick up your conversion rates.

“High converting landing pages ALWAYS have beautiful and eye-catching graphics. It is all about the imagery and beauty of the page. Remember, a human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than regular text. A user will be affected by the pictures and the overall design on your landing page immediately.” – Apolline Adiju

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