Periodic Password Procedure May Have Expired
You know how you need to change your password every 60 or 90 days for security reasons? Well… Microsoft now says:

“Periodic password expiration is a defense only against the probability that a password (or hash) will be stolen during its validity interval and will be used by an unauthorized entity. If a password is never stolen, there’s no need to expire it. And if you have evidence that a password has been stolen, you would presumably act immediately rather than wait for expiration to fix the problem. Periodic password expiration is an ancient and obsolete mitigation of very low value.” Wow!

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LinkedIn Updates Discussed on Podcast-
If ever there was an edition of the Social Media Examiner podcast to listen to, this would be a good choice. So much info about LinkedIn updates alone, plus Mozilla, Pinterest, and of course Facebook.

“LinkedIn Acquires Data Personalization Platform Drawbridge to Improve Ad Targeting: LinkedIn announced its pending acquisition of data analytics platform, Drawbridge. LinkedIn will use Drawbridge’s advanced personalization AI to further refine its ad targeting capacity. As mentioned on the show, LinkedIn formed a data partnership with Adobe that was also meant to boost its targeting tools earlier this year.” – Social Media Examiner

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Google Working on Off Route Maps Alerts
Most cab drivers are honest, hard working people, but sometimes you wonder when you are at a social media convention if you get the one that is padding the meter by taking a longer route. Google is now testing an option in India that will alert your phone if there is a travel deviation.

“The new feature is really simple to use. Open up Maps and type in your destination. Then choose the “Stay Safer” option in the menu and tap the option to get off-route alerts. As the name suggests, this options will send an alert notification to your phone when your driver is not taking the way it should.” – WERSM

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