WeChat Revisited
In the past, SoMe Slice has hinted that if you have a client whose product or service lent itself to global marketing, you should consider WeChat. Now we’re saying most definitely check it out. With 1.09 billion monthly active users (70 million of whom are from outside of China), you can’t ignore it.

“Audiences in China have no access to social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but they’ve completely embraced WeChat. Launched in 2011, the app is loved by Chinese expats, travelers, and students across the globe.” – Marcus Ho, writing in Social Media Examiner

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Campaign Budget Optimization Revisited-
Earlier in the year we carried a post from the Jon Loomer team exposing what Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) is and how it will become the default system for Facebook ads beginning in September. Frankly in the interim, there has been a lot of confusing data surfacing as to how testers feel about results they are seeing. Loomer’s team to the rescue putting it all into perspective.

“Performance thus far has had wild swings, from moments when you log into Ads Manager and think you’re a genius to the next day when you ask yourself what the heck went wrong and how are you an expert at this. I asked some of my favorite advertisers what they’ve seen in regards to CBO and have detailed their recommendations into helpful takeaways…” – Andrew Foxwell, writing for the Jon Loomer team.

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Recently we had a post discussing the merits of that attracted a lot of attention. We have since found this video from noted influencer Ian Cleary taking you on a tour of the platform that you might be interested in.

“A lot of people don’t feel competent or capable of creating video. So that’s where comes in. First of all they provide a database of over 200-million images to select from and hundreds of video templates.” – Ian Cleary

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