State of Social Media Usage and Advertising in 2019-
There is a very comprehensive overview of social media that every SM Manager should follow. Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends Report reveals that ad spend has 👆 by 22% since last year. Biggest contributor? Mobile.

“When it comes to the ad share and the most popular platforms, Google and Facebook are still leading the way. Google saw +1.4x increase in their ad revenue since 2017 while Facebook even saw +1.9x increase in their ad revenue.

It’s even more interesting though to explore the rise of Amazon, Twitter, Snap, and Pinterest and how they saw an increase of +2.6x over the last two years.” – ClickZ on Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

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Successfully Selling on Social Media-
Whether you are a marketing veteran or a social media newbie manager, selling tips are always welcome.

“The visibility of your products and services on social media serves to actually create a need where none existed before. Social media also serves as a form of customer service, and is also what will give your audience their first impressions of you.” – Debbie Roy, writing for Stencil

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History of Advertising on LinkedIn-
If Facebook can be thought of as a frat party, LinkedIn is a Chamber of Commerce networking event. With the addition of Sponsored Content, Account Targeting, Lead Gen Forms, and Video Ads to LinkedIn’s options, you can reach your business target quickly and efficiently.

“LinkedIn has been around since 2003, and since then a lot has changed. And while the company has built many revenue streams, advertising is definitely one of its fastest growing ones.” – WERSM

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