Bing Offers Advertising Alternative-
Look out Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Google. Bing, by way of Microsoft, suggests social media managers check out Local Inventory Ads to help your small biz clients bridge the gap between online and physical presences.

“Based on the inventory information submitted by the retailer, when a customer is near a retailer’s physical store location and searches for a product carried by the retailer, we show the ad with a In store notification. When the ad is clicked, we can direct the customer to the retailer’s omnichannel store front to find information like the store location, product availability and more, or the customer can be sent to a Bing hosted store front displaying similar information.” – Bing blog

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Don’t Edit Running Facebook Ads-
Noted social media influencer Andrea Vahl says don’t touch that edit key to tweak underperforming ads. Don’t even think about touching a running ad. If you need to, then create a duplicate, put in your changes, and give it a new name.

“Any change to your Facebook ads will most likely affect the performance. Not always but it can really stop the momentum of the ad which you don’t want.” – Andrea Vahl

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Using Reddit for Keyword and Content Research-
🙀Reddit? A social media platform that sends even experienced social media and marketing managers running down dark hallways in fear. But if handled with skill & tact, Reddit can be a treasure trove of content ideas.

“The best content ideas generally come from spotting a new pattern or trend before everyone jumps on it; this comes from making a point of spending 10-15 minutes a few times a week in these subreddits and then jotting down threads and replies in your spreadsheets. Over time, you will be able to see specific keywords, phrases, and questions that get asked over and over again. This data is often fodder for great content pieces for blog posts, videos, landing page copy, social media content, etc.” – Jessica Malnik, writing for SemRush

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What is one of YOUR biggest social media pain points? The blogging process? You KNOW you need blogs for improved SEO on Google, but researching, writing, revising to include keywords, and then editing are very time-consuming tasks. Make better use of your time. Tap into my over 40 years of experience as a reporter, editor, and free-lance community writer to generate your creative content. – Anthony Scialis, Managing Editor, SoMe Slice