Time to Think about Twitch-
Twitch? That gaming thing? Actually it is gamers watching others playing games and a lot more. Millennials are there if you have a client with online products or services interested in that target market. Think of it as a cable tv channel with sports and other programming.

“Digital marketing isnโ€™t just about running ads wherever your competitors run ads. In fact, the best marketers find niches and jump into new channels before anybody else, in order to capitalize on the under-priced attention.” – Kaya Ismail, writing in CMSWire

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4 Best Social Media Conferences to See in 2019-
Half the year gone. Have you had time to attend any social media conferences? No? Noted influencer Neal Schaffer says not to worry. Four of the best are yet to come.

“Social media conferences with a strong track record obviously are featured in this list, but I also went out of my way to add new and promising events to the list, especially some user conferences that arenโ€™t specifically focused on, but will include a great deal of information about, social media.” – Neal Shaffer

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8 Ways to Share Links on Instagram-
For many a social media manager, the point of being on Instagram is to convert viewers into consumers of their clients’ brands. One way is to provide clickable links to direct them to blogs, landing pages, ads, etc.

“As of June 2019, this article covers all of the ways to share links on Instagram: through your bio, stories, link services, promoted posts, profile buttons, Instagram Shopping, DMs, and IGTV. In other words, you have a lot more options than you think.” – Corinna Keefe, writing on Social Media Examiner

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