YouTube Testing Hiding Video Comments-
Have a small biz client hesitant to let you market them with YouTube videos over fear of obscene or baseless comments from viewers? A YT test has been spotted on Android devices in India. It shows a new button at the top of the page– when clicked– takes you to a new window with the video’s comments.

“It’s unclear if YouTube’s motive is to hide comments. On one hand, by placing them on another page, the platform could spare people from having to look at them. On the other, because most users have to scroll quite a bit before they see comments on their mobile app, a button at the top of the page could actually provide easier access.” – Christine Fisher, writing in Engadget

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Twitter Username Could Replace Email Address-
It is an interesting supposition presented by noted influencer Neal Schaffer. Twitter names are usually MUCH shorter & MORE memorable than email addresses. Right? So what if you instead of asking for email address to sign up for something you ask for Twitter username as point of contact? Benefit is extra option of also being able to check out a profile and a sense of the person from the tone of tweets.

“Want to send a message on Facebook or LinkedIn to Guy Kawasaki? Good luck! But on Twitter, he (or one of his assistants) is truly only one tweet away.” – Neal Schaffer

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Mastering Facebook Analytics and Attribution Tools-
What IS and what IS NOT working with your Facebook marketing is something any good social media manager should be concerned about. Facebook Analytics and Attribution tools are there to help. We share in today’s edition in depth tutorials.

“Facebook Analytics is similar to Google Analytics, showing user behavior across your ads, website, and pages. The Attribution tool reveals the specific ads or steps taken by customers who convert, helping you gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns.” – Lynsey Fraser

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