Instagram Getting Ready to Show More Ads-
Like more options on placing ads for your small biz client? Sure you do. Instagram understands. It will soon bring ads to the Explore section. Probably over the next few months.

“The ads aren’t headed for the Explore grid view displaying only a tilework of photos and videos, but ads will be headed to the feed that results after tapping on a photo. Like other Instagram ads, they will be labeled as sponsored posts and may include options like a β€œshop now” link.” – Hillary K. Grigonis, writing in Digital Trends

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Care and Feeding of LinkedIn Audience-
So, as a social media manager/guru you feel you have a handle on optimizing Facebook to reach your client’s target market. How’s it going with LinkedIn? Not so well? Here is some advice for best practices on this platform.

“Your LinkedIn feed has many conversations that are happening at the same time among connections, people in the groups you’ve joined, but also the people, pages, and hashtags you may follow.” – George Carey-Simon, writing for WERSM

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Warming Up Cold Audiences with Facebook-
Once you’ve gotten some traction with Facebook ads, the temptation to focus on retargeting warm prospects is addictive. But there is so much opportunity out there among the cold audience. To explore targeting cold audiences with Facebook ads, Michael Stelzner interviews Amanda Bond. Amanda is a Facebook ads expert and founder of The Ad Strategist.

“While retargeting seems very cost-effective, each of these initiatives actually requires a great deal of time and effort to establish and maintain. Many smaller businesses don’t have a blog, podcast, or an email list to drive a big organic following. Nor do they have the resources to deliver these types of assets.” – Michael Stelzner on Social Media Examiner Podcast

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