Kardashian Gives in to Power of Social Media-
If you ever need proof for a potential client on how effective social media can be in communicating a message, look to this event. Rich & powerful businesswoman Kim Kardashian was forced to rethink the already heavily promoted name of a new clothing line.

“The move comes less than a week after backlash from social media users who objected to what they said was appropriation of the traditional Japanese kimono in the name of her upcoming shapewear line.” – Associated Press

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TikTok Picking Up Traction-
Is TikTok an Up-and-Coming Social Media Platform? That is the topic among global- minded SMM and this edition of the Social Media Marketing Talk Show. Guest is Rachel Pedersen, noted influential online marketer.

“There’s been much speculation and curiosity about the staying power and marketability of the short-form mobile video app since its launch in September 2017, especially as news organizations have eagerly joined the platform and others have started using it to track viral online trends.” – Grace Duffy, writing for Social Media Examiner

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Tweaking Facebook Privacy to Suit Your Needs-
We get it. You still need to use Facebook but are a bit untrusting of what IT does with YOUR info. Let’s see if these 11 privacy tweaks put you more at ease.

“Facebook pages and groups have become de-facto websites for restaurants, bars, clubs, civic and political organizations, and nonprofits. Even if you don’t delete Facebook, there are ways to limit the ability of the social network, other companies, and/or fellow users to get information about you.” – FastCompany

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