Independence Day Strike Against Social Media-
Not sure how much of an effect it will have, but there is a move to boycott Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat, etc. on the 4th of July. The idea comes from Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger.

“As of this writing, nearly 1,600 people have signed the petition to join Sangerโ€™s strike. The initiative reads as a somewhat novel attempt to take on the current digital climate, which is undergoing a wave of antitrust and data security scandals.” – Gabriela Barkho, writing in the Observer

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Facebook Brings Back Reach Estimates for Custom Audiences-
“Reach estimates” used to make it easier to determine approx. campaign sizes, as well as manage budgets and bidding activity. Until a vulnerability was discovered that made it possible to “infer attributes” of Facebook users using the tool. Now it’s back.

“Facebook reports it worked on three key changes to improve security around its Custom Audiences reach estimate tool: privacy, detection and new restrictions. The new restrictions include Custom Audience rate limits โ€” the number of audiences or API calls an account can have. The newly introduced rate limits have been designed to limit potential misuse and will not impact most advertisers, according to Facebook.” – Amy Gesenhues, writing in Marketing Land

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Best of the Best Analytics Tools-
A marketing plan is not very effective if it doesn’t include a way to highlight problems or any tendencies which might interfere with success. You need solid analytics. Here are 12 tools to consider.

“…digital marketing, with its array of platforms, ad and promotional options might actually require more measurement and analysis than any other marketing activity.” – Aleh Barysevich, writing in Social Media Today

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