Google Update of Mobile Research-
You may have missed this item. Google has made a change in its search results screen to make it easier for searchers (like potential customers) to find what they are looking for more. But it requires an important step by you on behalf of your small biz clients involving websites and the existence of a company favicon.

“The website’s name and favicon will now appear at the top of the results ‘to help anchor each result,’ and help you more easily scan the results. Site owners will have to choose a prefered icon for organic listings.” – George Carey-Simos, writing for WERSM.

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Generational Marketing as Key Demographic-
Reaching the target market with the right message is key to a winning marketing plan. But which demographic do you focus upon? According to this article, age may be the new secret sauce.

For example, let’s say you are aiming for the Baby Boomers. If their chat time is mostly on Twitter and your ad-spend is on Facebook, you could be wasting time and $$!

“If you want to make sure your content marketing is effective for each generation you’re targeting, you must understand the motivations, challenges, and habits of each generation, and how you should tailor your content accordingly.” – Michael Brenner, writing for Marketing Insider Group

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ThriveCart as a Guide to Boosting Your Revenue-
I curate content from various websites, but often enough something quite useful pops in with the email. I had just started hearing about ThriveCart and put it on my to-do list. Turn around the other day and noted influencer Kim Garst sends out an email with a favorable first hand review, along with some inside info about shopping cart platforms!

“Okay, this is super cool. Have you ever wondered if a simple tweak to your cart could increase conversions? Like changing a button, adding a testimonial or using a different heading? With ThriveCart, you can easily split-test two different versions of your cart – simply set up an “A/B test”, and once it’s clear which version converts best, ThriveCart will automatically choose the winner and use it for all your checkouts.” – Kim Garst

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