Chrome Ad Block System Going Global-
If your ads comply with the Coalition for Better Ads’ “Better Ads Standards” you have nothing to worry about. But, if your ads are seen as being annoying or intrusive… well you will have a problem everywhere with any potential customers using Google Chrome. Things to watch out for are Pop up ads, Ad density higher than 30%, Auto playing videos with sound, etc.

“One might wonder just how important the Chrome browser is. At the moment, it has 64% of the global browser market. Not bad, huh?” – George Carey-Simos, writing for WERSM

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Impulse Spending Not Unique to Men or Women-
Time to kick a stereotype off your marketing board. According to a new survey, 23% of men vs 16% of women have spent more than $100 on their last impulse purchase. On other hand, 17% of women vs 14% of men said they spent between $10 and $25.

“Impulse purchases are a result of consumer personality characteristics as well as a strategic placement of enticing stimuli in the shopping environment.” – Ross Steinman, psychology professor and department co-chairman at Widener University.

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Instagram Trends to Boost Marketing-
Just being on Instagram isn’t enough to having a winning strategy for your clients. There are always new features and beta tools popping up. Learn & use them early and you will be ahead of competitors. Hootsuite compiled 15.

“While stickers have been a mixed bag for businesses, interactive stickers have been a hit. Questions, poll, countdown, and emoji-slider stickers don’t just prompt more engagement, they make Instagram Stories more sticky. In other words, people stick around longer if there’s something for them to interact with.” – Katie Sehl, writing for Hootesuite

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