Facebook to Take Cut of Creator Profits-
Creators who have been charging fans $4.99 per month in exchange for access to exclusive content and a fan badge, take note. FB wants a part of the action.

“…Facebook is committed to allowing creators to keep 70% of subscription revenue (minus “applicable taxes and fees”). So when the mobile platforms collect their 30% fee on first-year subscriptions, Facebook won’t take a cut. Then, as the platforms lower their share to 15% in the second year, Facebook will take the other 15%.” – Anthony Ha, writing for TechCrunch

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Your Small Biz Has Been Hacked-
It is not just the big firms that get hacked. Small business are becoming prime targets because they set up less walls of defense. Kristin Judge, founder and chief executive of Cybercrime Support Network, has advice.

“In an interview with The Business Journals, Judge said businesses of all sizes and in all industries are vulnerable to hacking attacks. The best thing companies can do, she said, is to accept the reality that they could be breached and have a plan of action for when they are.” – Sean Teehan, writing for bizWomen BizJournals

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Google My Business Tip Sheet-
This is not rocket science. 18% of searches for local small biz (your clients!) lead to a sale within one day… most of the searching is done on Google… so why don’t your clients have Google My Business profiles?

“A study from Local SEO Guide found that Google My Business reviews that contained a relevant keyword were the second most influential factor in rankings for local searches. So reviews aren’t just about showing potential customers that you provide a great experience — they also affect your SEO.” – Annie Pilon, writing in Small Biz Trends.

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What is one of YOUR biggest social media pain points? The blogging process? You KNOW you need blogs for improved SEO on Google, but researching, writing, revising to include keywords, and then editing are very time-consuming tasks. Make better use of your time. Tap into my over 40 years of experience as a reporter, editor, and free-lance community writer to generate your creative content. – Anthony Scialis, Managing Editor, SoMe Slice