Pinterest Looking Better for DTC Market-
In a recent survey of 40 advertising executives, 14% said Pinterest ad costs have decreased 👇for them in the past year, while they’ve 👆increased on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Ok. It is only 40 out of thousands. But still a Direct to Consumer trend is noteworthy if it gives you an indicator of things to come.

“So, brands are experimenting with different tactics to stay top of mind for customers. Many are retargeting Pinterest users on other platforms. Some are using Pinterest primarily to capture emails. Others are using new tools that Pinterest recently rolled out that it purports will help brands increase conversions.” – Anna Hansel, writing for DigiDay

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Thumbnails Point to Your YouTube Video-

Thumbnails for many of you are an after-thought. A necessary evil. Change your thinking. Consider these little stills to be visual equivalents of headlines and meta tags to help consumers decide whether or not clicking your video link will be worthwhile. 🤔🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏽‍♀️ We found these informative do/don’t tips from Stencil. Yes, there are some plugs for Stencil. It is ok. We use Stencil. It is a great service.

“Once your video upload has been processed on YouTube, you have the option of choosing one of three default thumbnails. These are still images snapped from your video and may seem like a quicker and simpler choice. The randomly chosen thumbnails are rarely of good quality and are unlikely to be click-worthy by a long shot.” – Debbie Roy, writing for Stencil

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Using LinkedIn to Turn Cold Prospects Into Warm Leads-
LinkedIn used to feel like a passive marketing platform. Drop your info and wait to see if anyone was interested in what you had to share. No more. You can aggressively spread the word about your business. But no spamming content like Facebook or emails. These are people you want professional business relationships with. We have some tips.

“So how do you build trust with your prospects on LinkedIn? LinkedIn Messaging is an ideal way to make connections and build strong relationships with prospects. But to find success, you have to use the right type of messaging with your prospects.” – Josh Turner, writing for Social Media Examiner

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