Twitter Focuses More Love on Followers-
Twitter just did a redesign. Some people like it, some don’t. A very interesting aspect involves follower announcements. To make it easier for users to decide if they want to follow back people who just followed them, Twitter will now show bios in these notifications!

“It seems the company is going back to good old growth hacking basics. And it might just work. It is simple really: make it easy for your users, and they will reward you by taking action.” – Geoff Desreumaux, writing for WERSM

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Importance of Building Community and Groups-
Your job as a social media manager is to get the message out about your client’s business. And to get the target market to engage. You put ads & content on various platforms. But are you building communities or just an audience? Michael Stelzner interviews community-building expert Gina Bianchini.

“She says the difference is that if someone follows you on these platforms, your brand doesn’t get more valuable for them as new followers are added. On the other hand, when you create a space for people to meet each other in a natural, fast, normal, and valuable way, they’re actually able to get value from each other. That’s community with a network effect.” – Michael Stelzner, writing for Social Media Marketing Podcast

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Preventing Facebook Ad Hacking-
Never heard of it? Β You are lucky. But hacking is prevalent enough that noted influencer Andrea Vahl felt it necessary to write a blog with four tips on how to make sure you are getting billed for actual ads that you ran.

“A lot of people are reporting that their Facebook Ad account has been hacked. This means that either fake charges are being run up on your account or your account is completely taken over. In some cases the hackers may just use your credit card on a different account.”

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