Who’s In Town Creepily Tracks Your Movements-
What on the surface looks like a cute app to tell you which Instagram followers are in town, in reality is a creepy geotag directory of all their movements— and of yours as well. When you go to work. When you are home. What bars you frequent. Who might be at the same place as you on a certain night, if someone wanted to cross reference accounts.

“Who’s in Town can pull data from private Instagram accounts as well, provided that the person signing into the app is an accepted follower of the private profile. There is no way for Instagram users to determine whether one of their followers is using a third-party application like Who’s in Town to scrape and aggregate their data, as it operates outside of Instagram’s purview and only requires one party’s consent.” – Paris Martineau, writing for Wired

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Advertising Not In Sync With Today’s Women
Recent study by Kantar reveals that 61% of women think the way they’re shown in advertising is completely out of touch with who they really are today! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️Something to take note of if your client draws heavily from the female demographic.

“It’s clear that the ‘Femvertising’ approach that cheers on women with feel-good messages encouraging empowerment, confidence, and self-esteem, while well-intentioned, is failing to connect with the majority of women — especially those in the centennial generation (Gen Z),” – Ryan McConnell, senior vice president of Kantar

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Improving Instagram Stories Ads Results-
Stories are all the rage. But, do you know the difference between Instagram Stories, IG Stories Ads, and IG Feed Ads? Here is 2nd ☕️reading, filled with tips.

“Stories don’t stay on your Instagram profile unless you explicitly save them as highlights. This makes the content feel like a live commercial that users watch, which goes away later.

Instagram story ads are inserted into your customer’s experience when they’re watching stories from other users. These ads pop into the viewer’s experience, so users can’t avoid the ads as easily as when they’re scrolling through the feed.” – Susan Wenograd, writing for Social Media Examiner

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