Questioning Value of FB Groups-
Is Facebook trying to pull the wool over our eyes again, promoting groups over newsfeed? Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner provides incisive insight into how marketers first used FB and how it is now manipulating users and marketers through promotion of Groups.

“The more people who come together to talk about their interests — whether they’re political, financial or religious — the more data Facebook can collect. There’s nothing more delicious for Facebook than having people come into groups and talk.” – Adam Levin, privacy expert

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Perfecting Pinterest Profile-
Pinterest. It really is a sleeping giant. Even marketers don’t fully understand it. Users do. They look for info. Not just as a scrapbook of pretty pictures. And to attract them/keep them on your boards, you need to punch up your profile. Infographic.

“In fact, according to research, Pinterest is actually better than other social platforms at driving purchase intent, with up to 90% of weekly Pinners using the platform to make purchase decisions​, and 78% of Pinners saying that they welcome content from brands on the platform.” – Irfan Ahmad, writing for Social Media Today

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Why Your Business Emails Are Getting Rejected-
You may be a ninja at landing pages and funnels but for some reason your marketing emails are just not bringing in the crowds. What are you doing wrong? Could be several things.

“Email marketing is about conversations. Don’t send multiple emails on a topic your audience isn’t interested in; don’t send the same email twice; and – if you have the technology – don’t offer them content they’ve already viewed on your website or on social.”

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