Pinterest Introducing Mobile Ad Tools-
Pinterest is launching a new feature that opens the door for businesses and social media managers to create and manage ad campaigns on mobile devices!

“People visit Pinterest to discover new ideas, and they come to the platform with an open mind, ready to try out new things. This makes Pinterest the ideal platform for businesses to reach them while they’re in an environment that is inspiring to them and in the decision-making process.” – George Carey-Simos



SLICE is a M-F news digest targeted to assist Social Media Managers, Virtual Assistants, and Small Business Owners make sense of all the day to day social media news. Bypass the fluff. Focus on the good stuff.


No Pressure “Lazy Blogging” with Google Docs-
Don’t think you are THAT good a writer for the masses, but want to generate a blog every so often just to a few friends? Consider doing it in a cloud doc and then share rather than post.

“There’s no pressure to earn likes or reposts or subscribers or ‘claps.’ There is some pressure to start a discussion—a healthier kind of pressure that’s less about approval and more about real interaction. The kind of ‘conversation’ that social networks all claim to aim for, when really they’re aiming for your personal data.” – Nick Douglas

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Creating an Instagram Content Plan-
Do you just slap what feels good or is timely onto your client’s Instagram pages? How is that working? Consider having a content plan and theme. This is an in depth, 2nd ☕️reading.

“Once you know what you want your Instagram profile to express visually, you’re ready to start planning your content. Before considering different types of content, think about what you want to achieve with your Instagram marketing. Do you want more sales? More engagement? More followers? Setting goals is important because it informs the content you publish on Instagram.” – Lilach Bullock

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