Instagram Wipes Out Meme Accounts with Millions of Followers-
Missing something over the past week? Did you notice something that was on Instagram, that isn’t anymore? IG dumped some very popular meme accounts, removing them permanently with no chance of reinstatement!

“When asked about the recent so-called ‘meme purge,’ a Facebook spokesperson said that the accounts in question were disabled after violating platform policies on several occasions. Specifically, the policies included ‘selling and purchasing of usernames, as well as alleged attempts to fraudulently obtain others’ usernames.” – George Carey-Simos

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Getting More Social Media Engagement on Any Platform-
That is the goal, correct? To excite & engage your client’s target market. Here is a reminder of 3 rules of engagement and 6 tips to capitalize upon them.

“The ideal scenario for an engaged community is where people talk to each other, not just to you. Encourage people to talk among themselves… meet someone from the same city or talk about a common interest, for instance.” – Luria Petrucci, writing for Social Media Examiner

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with 5G-
The much anticipated long-awaited Galaxy Note 10 smartphone hits the streets August 7, and will be the first of the Note series to include a 5G model. We have 4 reasons why this should interest business users. But…

“The 5G-capable model of the Note 10 will command a significant premium, and with widespread 5G mobile network deployment still at least a year away in most markets, convincing users to upgrade right now will require meaningful differences over what is presently available.” – James Sanders, writing for TechRepublic

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