Twitter Drops 3rd Party Data Providers-
Third-party data integration takes another hit as Twitter decides to walk away. This means the pressure is on advertisers to dig up their own consumer info if they want it for targeting ads.

“Twitter said it would stop integrating with third-party data providers, like Acxiom, Oracle Data Cloud, Epsilon and others, which have vast reserves of consumer data broken down into target audiences for advertisers. The targets identify people based on age, gender, income, family status and other characteristics.” – Garett Sloane, writing for AdAge

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Selling More on Instagram with Shoppable Posts
Gone are the days when shopping on Instagram was limited to the links in IG stories, or on the link found in your bio. The platform has become a lot more convenient to shoppers since the intro of Instagramโ€™s Shoppable Post feature. But are you taking the best advantage for the benefit of your customers?

“All business accounts on Instagram have access to analytics in their shoppable posts, such as knowing how many people viewed their product information or have completed a click-through on a product page.” – Kevin Urrutia

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Turning LinkedIn Website Demographics Into a Marketing Tool-
Sure, once you convert website visitors you can learn a lot about them. But if they don’t convert, no data, right? Consider LinkedIn Website Demographics.

“The LinkedIn insight tag, a snippet of JavaScript code you add to your website, is intended to be used by LinkedIn advertisers to track conversions. In addition, it gives you access to Website Demographics, a free reporting tool that provides information about the people who visit your site.” – Daniel Rosenfeld, writing for Social Media Examiner

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