LinkedIn Adding New Audience Insights Through Third-Party Partnerships-
This is big news for social media managers. If you could better understand what audience subsets want to see more of and what they’re discussing, wouldn’t that give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace?

“LinkedIn is currently seeing ‘record levels of engagement’. If your business could tap into those rising discussions – especially if you’re a B2B organization, LinkedIn’s specialty – then it could help drive performance, both on and off the platform.” – Andrew Hutchinson, writing for Social Media Today

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YouTube Can Drive Non-Video Google Ad Campaigns-
Have you ever considered how your current YouTube VIDEO content might enhance DISPLAY campaigns? Think about it.

“When creating a display campaign with the goal of ‘product and brand consideration,’ you can create custom lightbox ads which are actually pretty fun to build. You can customize these lightbox ads with a variety of elements such as images, a retail feed from your merchant center, messages, call-to-action buttons, stylization and of course videos.” – Joe Martinez, writing in Search Engine Land

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Reaching People with Facebook Ads Based on Their Search Terms-
Jon Loomer has spotted a “Facebook Search” option within placements. It is only a test. The test focuses currently just on the retail, auto, and e-commerce industries.

“Facebook Search ads could be a really big deal, depending upon how they’re rolled out. If you’ve advertised long enough on Facebook, you may recall Sponsored Results, Facebook’s first stab at search ads. Well, that was seven years ago, and the option never got off the ground.” – Jon Loomer

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