Pinterest Key Driver Targeting Auto Buyers-
Just women on Pinterest? All they like are fashion and makeup? Think again. According to a new survey, Pinterest users tend to be more active early adopters for new car models than non-Pinners.

“… according to a report published earlier this year, 62% of new cars in the US are now purchased by women, while females also make more than 80% of car purchasing decisions.” – Andrew Hutchinson, writing for Social Media Today

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Attention Replacing Likes As Social Currency-
The era of “likes” being a major indicator of value is most likely over. Instagram’s elimination of like counts from its feed posts sealed the coffin. But there is something better ready to take the place. Pay “attention” to this think piece.

“We also have metrics like video watch time where we can see precisely how long people have stuck with our videos. In the past, a video might have received a like, which tells us very little about whether or not someone stuck with our content til the end. Now, we have stats like Audience retention (a core stat on YouTube) that shows you where exactly people drop off from your videos.” – Kevan Lee, writing for Business 2 Community

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How Many Facebook Pixels Can You Have Or Need-
Apparently, you can have up to 100 Facebook Pixels in your Business Manager, but you only really need one, says noted influencer Andrea Vahl. There is some confusion on this and she explains in this blog.

“There are a lot of myths around the Facebook Pixel and there is also some confusing terminology which is why people think you need ‘multiple’ Pixels.” – Andrea Vahl

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