Paying Only for Completed Views Twitter Video Ads-
Wouldn’t that be great if you only paid for an ad that you knew someone watched all the way through? Twitter is offering a new bidding method that allows advertisers to set a goal of getting viewers to watch for at least 6 seconds. If viewer turns away, no pay! So?

“This makes it technically Twitter’s first ad offering that charges only for completed views, because advertisers can create 6-second ads, an increasingly popular format especially on social platforms. ‘It is equivalent to a completed view if you’re running 6-second ads,’ says Dan Kang, group product manager at Twitter.” – Garett Sloane, writing for AdAge

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Amazon Ads Options and Services-
Put aside your misconception that Amazon is just a retailer. Apparently it is also the number-three digital ad platform in the world behind Google at number one and Facebook at number two! Maybe you should be looking to test your client ads in that platform.

“Another reason to consider Amazon is the shift in product search behavior among consumers. In the past, search engines, primarily Google, got more product searches than any other sites. In 2014, 55% of all product searches began on a search engine and only 38% started on Amazon.

Over time, these numbers have shifted. Now only 30% of product searches begin on search engines and it’s estimated that more than 52% begin on Amazon. The number of younger people ages 18–29 starting their product searches on Amazon reaches even higher.” – Michael Stelzner, for Social Media Examiner podcast.

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Getting More Clients-
Every social manager wants more clients. But how do you get them? What else can you do? Noted influencer Kim Garst offers not one, not five, but 25 tips.

“Include a link in your email signature that lets people know you’re available for a free consult call and allows them to immediately book it themselves online. It can also be a great way to get more money from your existing clients… as you email with them, they’ll be reminded that they can book a call with you at any time!” – Kim Garst

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