Hashtag Shoppable Offerings to Entice Gen Z on TikTok-
The ad model may be new to TikTok but they are working it. A hashtag challenge is normally where brands engage with users by encouraging them to make videos using a branded hashtag. TikTok is running a campaign with Kroger that lets users shop for its products within the app. Users such as those in the Gen Z target market!

“On the page, users can tap a discover tab to view and buy products, all of which Kroger has curated to appeal to college kids. Items currently available include granola bars, a popcorn maker, laundry baskets and hangers. Users who choose to browse the products can do so on Krogerโ€™s site while remaining in the app.” – Minda Smiley, writing for AdWeek

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Restaurant Marketing Revelation-
I am posting this article not so much for its point about Facebook still being #1 source for restaurant ads even though Instagram and Twitter had strong showings. No, I want you struggling social media managers to look at 3 survey facts. Then go out and sell!

1- There are untapped prospects as 12% of restaurants surveyed still need to be convinced to jump on board social media train
2- Of those restaurants that do use social media, only 34% have a full time on staff person to handle social media.
3- Nearly 70% of restaurants– whether they use in house or outside services– planned to pay for social media ads in 2019

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Analyze Facebook Ad Funnel Using FB and Google Analytics-
If you could better understand your customer journey, you could run better, more profitable marketing campaigns while scaling your business. This long 2nd โ˜•๏ธreading will be worth your time as it shows you how to use Facebook and Google Analytics together to reveal how your Facebook customers engage with your funnel on their path to purchase.

“One of the most common issues that online store owners and marketers face is not knowing which ads, channels, and campaigns are actually responsible for conversions, new customers, and revenue. This makes it virtually impossible to know where to allocate budget to grow their business. Thatโ€™s where understanding attribution comes in.” – Jack Paxton, writing for Social Media Examiner

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