Taking 2nd Look at 3rd Party Twitter Apps-
Twitter is giving you and your clients an assist at further clarifying what third-party apps can and can’t do after you give the apps ๐Ÿ‘ to take specific actions on Twitter on your behalf.

“For example, an authorised app can receive information from and use your account in various ways like reading your Tweets, seeing who you follow, updating your profile, posting Tweets on your behalf, accessing your Direct Messages, or viewing your email address.” – George Carey-Simos, writing for WERSM

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All You Need to Know About Membership Sites-
What is a membership site? Who should start one? How do you know if your audience wants it? What will you use to you accept payment?
How do you create content for your program? All these questions and more answered by social media expert Kim Garst.

“When you run a service-based business, itโ€™s always smart to look for ways to earn passive income as well. Starting a membership program is one of the BEST ways to do this โ€“ because you get to help more people while putting in the same (or even fewer) hours!” – Kim Garst

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Malware Found Inside 34 Apps Already Installed By 100M+ Users-
That is not the kind of headline you want to see. Reportedly malware has been built into ordinary apps, like dictionaries, online maps, audio players, barcode scanners, and other software.

“The victims here are the users with infected devices as well as the organizations paying for ghost ads and click-throughs. And the problem is undoubtedly getting worse, the malware more sophisticated and prevalent. While the usual warnings still apply to users, the bigger message now is to the industry of developers and to the app platforms to improve efforts to keep the ecosystem safer than it is at the moment.” – Zak Doffman, writing in Forbes

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