Instagram Testing Back to Back Stories Ads-
Good news if you are thinking about running ads on Instagram. The platform is testing back-to-back Stories Ads to a “small percentage” of its users. More chances to be seen!

“The test is part of Facebook and Instagram’s ongoing efforts to improve the ad experience on their platforms and to figure out the right frequency that strikes a balance between user value and advertiser value.” – George Carey-Simos, writing for WERSM

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Messy Desk is Ok for Creative Types-
You left the uptight corporate world so you could be your own boss and decorate your work space as you wanted. Need validation that you generate your best social media campaigns at your messy desk? We found a study!

“…participants were asked to come up with uses for ping pong balls, and the people in a messy room had more interesting and creative ideas. People in the messy room suggested ideas like using them to make earrings or cushion chair legs… while people in the neat room were more likely to see them only as game equipment.” – Anne Stych, writing for BizWomen

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Windows 7 Cut Off Looming-
Statistics indicate that 47% of small to medium-sized businesses are still running Windows 7, while 38% of consumers and 38% of small office/home office PCs are on Windows 7. Not good. In 5 months Microsoft stops issuing free patches for Windows 7, leaving all of them exposed to new bugs!

“Windows 7 was the version of Windows most widely affected by WannaCry, which locked up around 300,000 PCs in May 2017. Without patches Windows 7 will in the future be vulnerable to bugs like the recently disclosed ‘wormable’ BlueKeep bug and several more that Microsoft patched in August.” – Liam Tung, writing in ZdNet

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