Changes Coming to Google Ad Delivery & Facebook Ad Targeting-
Social media managers take note! Accelerated ad delivery on Google is rapidly being phased out. And Facebook prospects can soon keep you from using off-Facebook behavioral data to retarget them on the platform.

“In a nutshell: Your prospects can block you from remarketing to them on the basis of non-Facebook activity (e.g., visiting your blog, downloading your app, etc.). However, youโ€™ll still be able to remarket to users based on their behavior while using Facebook; people whoโ€™ve watched your videos, for example, are totally fair game.” – Connor Bond, writing in Word Stream blog

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What to Charge for a Membership Program-
Creating a membership program may not be as hard as pricing the membership. You know your theme. You know your target market. But what do you charge? Social media expert Kim Garst has 4 tips.

“While keeping up with your competition isnโ€™t the ‘be all end all’ in determining the pricing of your membership program, you DO need to know generally where you fit in the competitive landscape โ€“ because, you can bet your potential customers will be researching this before they buy!” – Kim Garst

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Adding Firefox Bookmarks to Android Home Screen-
As an on the go social media manager, time is $$ and … time is time lost. Like when you need quick access to a website while on the go. Either type in the URL or dig through bookmarks. There is, of course, a better solution. Consider a launcher. The only thing you’ll need is to have Firefox installed on your Android device.

“You could add a launcher for those sites you depend on the most to the Android homescreen. With these launchers in place, those sites are a quick tap away. When you’re scrambling to get from client to client, those seconds you save can make the difference between you being on time or late with an appointment.” – Jack Wallen, writing for TechRepublic

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