Google Accused of Leaking Personal Data to Advertisers-
This news story is a bit technical but worth noting if you want to keep up with social media advertising industry news. The complaint comes from Johnny Ryan, chief policy and industry relations officer of Brave, the maker of a Chromium-based browser rival to Google Chrome.

“Ryan’s latest claim centers on Google’s so-called ‘Push Page’ or ‘google_push’, which he characterizes as a user identifier and a workaround to GDPR restrictions. It was made available to RTB bidders in addition to an existing identifier called ‘google_gid’. He contends the Push Page allows multiple advertisers to share user profile identities when a person loads a web page.” – Liam Tung, writing for ZDnet

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Pinterest Reveals Top Trending Searches for Fall 2019-
Looking for insight to jazz up your client’s marketing angles for fall? Pinterest says over half (57%) of US adults say are looking for ways to maintain their “positive summer mindset” through fall.

“As a result, searches for ideas like improving finances, feeling more positive, organizing the home, and planning for the future all see a resurgence during this time.” – Matt Southern, writing in Search Engine Journal

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Boosting Website Conversion Rates-
Acquiring qualified leads & customers may be the goal of your client’s website, but your goal should be to attract those leads with a rocking website. This article offers advice from Lilach Bullock, who Forbes lists as one of the top 20 women social media power influencers.

“Not only do you need to build a great website, but you also need to constantly optimize the design, the content and the usability of your website in order to convert more of your visitors โ€“ and achieve more of your business targets.” – Lilach Bullock, writing in Jeff Bullas .com

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