U.S. Small Biz Optimism Declines to Lowest in 5 Months-
Slumping sales amid escalating trade tensions and recession fears have small biz owners worried. It is a time for social media managers to give extra TLC to clients to keep them from cancelling.

“The decline of 1.6 points to 103.1 in the National Federation of Independent Businessโ€™s index resulted from weaker expectations for businesses and sales, according to a report Tuesday. The reading was below the median estimate of analysts surveyed by Bloomberg.” – William Edwards, writing for Bloomberg

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YouTube Updates Discussed on Podcast-
Time for your weekly dose of Social Media Marketing Talk Show. Topics include changes to business tools for Facebook Messenger and YouTube updates.

Timestamps to fast-forward to top stories in the replay:

6:47 Facebook Announces New Business Tools for Messenger
29:39 YouTube Removes In-App Messaging Option
31:22 YouTube Expands Super Chat to More Regions
33:27 YouTube Rolls Out Abbreviated Subscriber Counts



Finding Lost Items with Google Assistant and Tile-
Ever heard of Tile? It is one of the biggest makers of lost item trackers, selling 22 million last year in more than 230 countries. Well, it is teaming up with Google Assistant! Users will be able to use voice commands to activate the tile that is attached to a missing item.

โ€œIf you were to lose or misplace your wallet, remote, backpack โ€“ anything, Google will soon join your personal search party with a simple voice command.โ€ – CJ Prober, CEO of Tile

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