SnapChat Readies 2020 News Push-
SnapChat is creating a dedicated news channel specifically for the 2020 debates. Snapchat wants to be THE place where young people get all of their political news— and candidates see that value.

“All of the top-tier candidates as of last week have now launched Snapchat accounts this cycle, and some are leveraging the platform to do things they would’ve normally relied on Facebook for, like sell stuff or raise money.” – Sara Fischer, writing for Axios

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Revealing Review of Google Ad Recommendations-
Free advice on your marketing campaigns is a good thing. Especially coming from Google, right? Maybe. A team of analysts audited several recommendations appearing in various retailersโ€™ accounts. Some suggestions were ๐Ÿ‘ and some were ๐Ÿ‘Ž.

“Worse, some recommendations are applied automatically. If you see ‘Auto Apply’ on an ad recommendation, Google will apply the change within 14 days if it isnโ€™t rejected. That means a campaign can shift without your explicit consent, and those changes may not always drive positive performance.” – Steve Costanza, writing in Search Engine Land blog

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How to Create and Manage a Successful LinkedIn Group-
If LinkedIn is a platform to meet like-minded business folks or prospective clients, then engaging with them on a group page would be a big marketing advantage to present yourself as a thought leader. Especially if you managed the group page.

“Show up in more places. Groups are accessible and discoverable from the LinkedIn home page and relevant group conversations will appear in the main feed, keeping you top of mind with your target market.” – Melonie Dodaro, writing for Social Media Examiner

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