Facebook Working on New ‘Chat’ Post Type-
‪What if you could drive Messenger conversations from News Feed posts? FB is said to be developing an option that lets users create and promote any private group chat, with people they choose to take part in the discussion.

“While this new post type could help drive discussions between users, it could also open up opportunities for brands to start conversations around products and services with customers and fans. Of course, this depends on whether Facebook opens up the feature to Pages or not.” – George Carey-Simos, writing for WERSM

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Writing Landing Page Copy That Converts-
Are your landing pages like a super highway filled with traffic or an old, rarely used country road? Just slapping together road sign content won’t attract traffic. We found these seven landing page copywriting techniques to help boost conversion rates.

“Roughly 32 million adults in the United States read at a basic level. That means if you use complex vocabulary and technical jargon, you’re filtering out a large group of people reading a landing page. Instead, you should opt to use a simple and casual language that sounds like a friend speaking to a friend. This is much more digestible, fun to read, and personable.” – Carmine Mastropierro, writing in Search Engine Watch

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Apple Phishing Attacks On the Rise-
Are you an Apple user? 😏 Feel invincible? Like to think your devices are a bit safer than other brands? 🤔 A new report from Kaspersky shows that cybercriminals are now increasingly trying to attack Mac customers. 🙀

“These phishing attacks aim to steal users’ Apple IDs. Links to these sites are usually sent in emails that allegedly come from Apple Support. The recipient is threatened that their account will be locked unless they click the link and log in to confirm the information that has been specified in their profile,” the Kaspersky report stated in TechRepublic

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