Adobe ‘Auto Reframe’ Optimizes Videos For Different Social Platforms-
Videos are not a “one size fits all platforms” marketing tool. Editing & cropping is a very time-consuming process. Adobe thinks it has come up with a time-saver!

“Auto Reframe, which uses Adobe Sensei (Adobe’s artificial intelligence platform) can automatically identify the main action within a video, cropping and panning around the original footage, to fit within social media’s square, vertical, or widescreen ratios.” – Linleigh Marie Master, writing in WERSM

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Free Tools To Create Eye-Catching Graphics-
Being a writer, my weak point is graphics. Maybe you’re great at stats or ad copy, but dreaming up cool graphics escapes you? Kim Garst has several suggestions from her resource treasure chest of tools. Here is one:

“If choosing a color palette for your graphics is a struggle for you, Easil is a great option to create amazing graphics! Their color palette generator automatically pulls colors from your existing images, meaning you always have exactly the right colors…no more guesswork!” – Kim Garst

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Creating Custom Metrics in Facebook Ads Reporting-
When needing to create custom metrics, social media folks have had to export their reporting into a spreadsheet, create a new column, and add formulas to manually pull this off. Jon Loomer says not any more!

“First, understand that Facebook Ads Reporting is not the same thing as the base reporting in Facebook Ads Manager. It’s often confused. You may not currently use Ads Reporting. You may now with custom metrics.” – Jon Loomer

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