SnapChat Getting Back at Facebook-
Social Media wars are getting hotter as SnapChat has documented alleged anti-competitive moves by Facebook in a collection of files nicknamed ‘Project Voldemort.’ Really. Take that FB for ‘appropriating’ Stories idea.

“Whatever Facebook may have done, it may have reason to worry about Project Voldemort. Facebook is believed to be under FTC scrutiny for anti-competitive moves, including the acquisition of would-be rivals and its use of Onavo tech to gather usage data for Snapchat. Between that and the Justice Department’s sweeping review of tech competition, Voldemort could provide investigators with a convenient summary of Snap’s grievances.” – Jon Fingas, writing in Engadget

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New Instagram Scheduling and Messaging Tools-
Time for the weekly edition of Social Media Examiner podcast. Interestingly, content covers some copying by Instagram.

5:49 Instagram and IGTV Add Scheduling for Posts and Videos
13:46 Instagram Is Reportedly Working on a New Tool Replicating TikTok’s Key Features
17:51 Instagram Is Developing a Separate Messaging App, Threads
21:30 Instagram Tests Back-to-Back Stories Ads

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Updating Your Profile on Slack-
Everybody you deal with using Slack for communications? Or it seems that way? Be good for your personal brand if they knew a bit more about you. Put that info in Profile. Easier said than done on Slack. Unless you have a guide. We have tips.

“There is something you should know about that ‘What you do’ section. This is generally limited to what you do for the particular workspace (aka company) you are using, so you don’t want to create a general bio, but rather, a simple statement of what task you perform for the team. This may sound limited, but you can set profiles specific for each workspace you use. So, although there is no general profile for your Slack account, you get one for each workspace.” – Jack Wallen, writing for TechRepublic

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