Pinterest Getting Ready for Holidays with New Features-
Pinterest is expanding its shoppable post format into paid ads! This will let businesses showcase multiple, buyable items within each Pin. And it’s updating profile format so users can include video as a cover image.

“…Shop the Look collections will essentially expand into product catalogs, with the capacity to display a range of products. Advertisers will be able to tag up to 25 items in a Pin image, while a preview showcase of four items will be shown along the bottom of the Pin.” – Andrew Hutchinson, writing in Social Media Today

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Website Content Personalization Ideas to Use with Social Media Ads-
Finding it a challenge to keep costs down and prove that youโ€™re driving significant returns on ad spend from promoted social campaigns? Have you explored matching web content personalization to your social ads?

“Smart content personalization helps you to engage leads with content thatโ€™s related to topics that individual audience members are already interested in. It increases conversion rates, improves brand loyalty, and raises revenue. In short, web content personalization is a powerful and effective rising star.” – George Carey-Simos, writing for WERSM

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How to Follow Messages in Slack-
A lot of people now use Slack. A lot. And that means a lot of messages— that could get lost in the shuffle of info if your client team is active! Here is a tip about the Follow Message option.

“The feature is simple to use, once you know where to find it, and is available to both the desktop and mobile versions of the Slack service. There is only a slight difference in how the feature is used, depending on whether you’re on the mobile or desktop app.” – Jack Wallen, writing for Tech Republic

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