Linkedin Opens Nominations For #BestofPages 2019-
Think your client’s small biz LinkedIn page is hot? Impress your client. Put it up for award status. Submit a page by posting an update on your feed @ mentioning the page and including the #BestofPages hashtag.

“The winners will be the Pages that gathered the largest number of members who nominated them, plus the total number of engagements on the Pageโ€™s first nomination post. Only posts including the #BestofPages will count.” – Geoff Desreumaux

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Solid Link Building in 2019-
Very interesting but lengthy exploration of what link building looked like in 2015 and how to do it effectively in 2019.

“…building links isnโ€™t about using automation to create processes that scale. Itโ€™s about building relationships โ€” and value โ€” that scales.” – Kelsey Reeves, writing in Moz

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Techniques to Reduce Your Facebook Ad Spend-
Do you want to put an end to unnecessary spending on your ads? Looking for a way to audit your work? This article will show how to assess and improve your campaign performance – from first click to landing page conversion.

“If you see your lead costs rise for your Facebook campaigns, it may be due to a number of budget- and auction-based factors. But if your lead costs shoot up significantly, itโ€™s worth checking to see if thereโ€™s a tracking issue. You donโ€™t want to spend hours upon hours fixing ad campaigns and landing pages only to find youโ€™re under-reporting leads due to a tagging issue.” – Luke Smith, writing in Social Media Examiner

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Our #FridayFeeling cover image is from a tweet by Air Force Recruiting @USAFRecruiting (background graphic added).

What is one of YOUR biggest social media pain points? The blogging process? You KNOW you need blogs for improved SEO on Google, but researching, writing, revising to include keywords, and then editing are very time-consuming tasks. Make better use of your time. Tap into my over 40 years of experience as a reporter, editor, and free-lance community writer to generate your creative content. – Anthony Scialis, Managing Editor, SoMe Slice