Facebook Lead Forms No Longer Available with Instant Experience-
The ability to add lead forms to Instant Experience was a great option for social media managers to create unique experiences connected to lead collection efforts. You could also optimize for things other than lead generation, which was great for split testing and targeting smaller audiences. But, no more!

“As far as Iโ€™ve seen, there are no ways to circumvent this requirement, as Facebook has fully deprecated the feature. The bottom line: if you are using a Lead Form, you can only use the Lead Generation objective to run an ad associated with the form.” – Lucas Elliott, writing for Jon Loomer .com

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Understanding Role of Branded and Unbranded Search in Customer Journey-
Over 3.5 BILLION searches take place on Google EVERY DAY! So…ranking for both branded & unbranded terms in organic search is critical for marketers looking to build domain authority and capture share of search online.

“When we talk about branded versus unbranded search, it isnโ€™t an either/or proposition. Both are critical. But to rank in search results at moments of high intent, a business must have a strong grasp of the value of each โ€” and where along the customer journey people are most likely to search for unbranded versus branded keywords.” – YEXT content on Marketing Land

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Integrating Smartphone Experience with Windows 10-
A new Windows 10 feature being leaked lets users answer calls to an Android phone from a PC and use its speakers, microphone, and screen to take calls.

“Besides answering incoming calls on a PC, users can make calls from the PC, decline calls on the PC with custom text, access recent call history, and transfer calls between a PC and Android phone.” – Liam Tung, writing in ZDNet

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