📌Instagram Working on Direct Messaging to Its Web App
No timetable, but looks like Instagram is making moves to encourage more users to interact directly with one another. The plan is to bring its Direct messaging feature to its web app accessible through a browser.

“The news will, in no doubt, please heavy Instagram users, as this helps make the platform’s messaging tools much more accessible, especially to those with connectivity issues – i.e., no access to reliable data plans or areas with sketchy reception.” – George Carey-Simos, writing for WERSM

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📌Top Twitter Strategies to Grow Your Brand In 2020-
Twitter may not be every social media manager’s cup of tea, but it is a fast, effective way to drum up engagement for your brand. And, that is one of your goals, right? 🤔 Here are some tips you should consider.

“Pin your Twitter poll to the very top of your feed, so that it remains visible for the duration of the poll. This makes it more likely that you will collect more responses. Request your audience to retweet your poll as all the responses on the retweet also gets added to your original poll statistics.” – Debbie Roy, writing in Get Stencil

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📌Understanding and Using Colors to Influence Marketing-
How can you make your small biz client’s marketing stand out from the crowd? Buy a lot of ad space? Push out tons of video content? How about an easy, less expensive option? Effective use of color!

“…people typically form the first impression about a product in fewer than 90 seconds (more recent research claims it might be in as little as 7 seconds). Anywhere from 62% to a whopping 90% of that snap judgment is based on color alone!” – Ayesha Ambreen, writing in Jeff Bullas .com

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