📌 Some Users Can Now Schedule Tweets Via Twitter-
Whoa! What? Ok, it is not an edit button. But to be able to schedule direct instead of using 3rd party sites, interesting. Still in beta testing.

“Tweet scheduling on twitter .com? Yes please! Starting today, we’re experimenting with bringing one of @TweetDeck’s handiest time-saving features into Twitter. Tell us what you think if you’re part of the experiment.” – Twitter

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📌 Android Gift-Giving Guide-
Thanksgiving is next week already! That means time to think about holiday gifts and if your loved one, BFF, buddy, pal, etc. is an Android user, have we got some recommendations for you!

“If your recipient has a phone that supports wireless charging and they don’t yet have a wireless charger (or could use a second), this is a great buy. Why? Because wireless charging is fast and convenient. Any super busy professional would be more than thrilled to add a bit of convenience to their world.” – Jack Wallen, writing for TechRepublic

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📌 How To Grow Instagram Followers After Algorithm Changes-
Instagram is supposed to be this great platform to reach your client’s target market. So why are you having a hard time reaching new audience segments and growing followers? Constant algorithm changes. But there are ways to improve your chances.

“Organically growing your following is possible with some time and dedication. But most importantly, you need to know how to manage your account in a way that will tell Instagram you’re real, and people want to see you rather than just focusing on beating the algorithm. That can be tricky, though. People need to actually want to see you. It is up to you to provide your audience with consistent, valuable, and engaging content.” – Strong-Social

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