📌 TikTok Starts Testing ‘Shopping Cart’ Social Commerce Feature-
First shoppable ads. Now testing giving influencers the ability to use social commerce URLs in their videos! A simple click of the in-video link will connect viewers to an Amazon store where they can buy official merchandise.

“This new feature could very well pose a threat to Instagram’s influencer ecosystem. A July study conducted by InfluencerDB highlighted Instagram’s apparent content saturation, and the effects it is having on influencer success. Put simply, Instagram influencers are seeing close to record-low engagement levels as a result of this.” – Linleigh Marie Master, writing in WERSM

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📌 WordPress Beefs Up SMB Monetization Options-
Automattic (which runs WordPress .com) is adding more monetization tools! It announced native functionality for recurring payments and customer management for subscription-based content. It will be available to WordPress-hosted sites ( and self-hosted sites using the WordPress platform (

“This is particularly relevant given the rise of subscription-based products. There are certain behavioral economics tied to the rise of subscription services in terms of spreading out payments. This has led to the rise of paid content online, as well as services ranging from Dollar Shave Club to Spotify and Netflix.” – Mike Boland, writing for LSAInsider

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📌 How to Follow and Unfollow Topics on Twitter-
Topics is an interesting new Twitter feature that lets you lock onto more than 300 areas of interest (sports, entertainment, gaming, etc). Just like follower accounts, but you’ll see tweets from accounts you don’t follow! Might be useful in marketing.

“Twitter seems to think this feature will be ideal for fans of certain subjects, aka fandoms. Whether it’s a professional sports team or a music group, rather than follow a few official accounts that post developments, you can just follow a relevant topic, and Twitter will show you popular tweets. Topics are public also – so anyone (who can see your full profile) can view the topics you follow.” – Maggie Tillman, writing in Pocket-Lint

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